Kama Orchestra

KAMA live

Wir hatten eine tolle Saison 2022. Die Termine für 2023 geben wir hier rechtzeitig bekannt.


KAMA Orchestra live at Waschhaus Potsdam

The KAMA Orchestra is a brand new groove brass orchestra from Potsdam. With a total of 20 different brass instruments and a big rhythm section, KAMA Orchestra, one pillar of the association Verstärker e.V., mixes up the new brass ensemble scene. Musically, the band uses global beats, funk jazz and danceable club sounds. Teenagers play together with older musicians, professionals alongside amateurs - from 15 years to over 50. An extremely diverse and exciting experiment and a bridge to a very young generation.

Rhythm Section:
Jona Freigang - Drums
Falk Hannemann - Drums
Katrin Müller - Tuned Percussion
David Tchegloff - Guitar, Percussion
Franziska Pfeiffer - Percussion
Kolja Heins - Percussion
Buchan Heiß - Bass
Zoe Mader - Keys
Philip Meister - Guitar
Jan Hennecke - Guitar

Brass Section:
AnNett - Trumpet
Magda Jakob - Trumpet
Kai Mader - Alto 1
Anja Lutter - Alto 1
Stine Vogel - Alto 1
Sepehr Foroushani - Alto 2
Franka Grünewald - Alto 2
Josy Waage - Alto 2
Arne Assmann - Alto 2
Linus Benz - Tenorsax
Jens Oldenburg - Tenorsax
Lucian Wizisla - Tenorsax
Maria Martinez - Tenorsax
Rune Mader - Baritonesax
Barbara Stacherl - Baritonesax
Jules Waage - Baritonesax
Richie Kardorf - Trombone

Livesound: Anna Ducksch, Anna Kowalkowski

KAMA Orchestra - Drop of Illusion

Many different sounds that become one big body of sound. It vibrates, hums, is powerful and loud - and then comes the drop. KAMA ORCHESTRA is planned chaos that summons you to dance. It comes rolling in with full force and when it hits you, you have no choice but to jump up and bounce along.